Book Review: Homecoming by J. Scott Coatsworth

 It is a great pleasure for me to offer a recommendation for a book by one of my esteemed peers.

Homecoming, just to start, has some of the most perfect cover illustration I've ever laid eyes on.

The book is a story told from two perspectives-- from Hari, a human wolf shifter, and Aldiss, an astronaut fleeing the catastrophic destruction of his homeworld. I felt Hari was really the main protagonist, but Aldiss was a good supporting character who is more accessible/familiar to the reader at first.

What I particularly like is the blend of science fiction and fantasy elements. The characters come from two completely different worlds. One from a high tech futuristic planet and the other from a mystical tribal society in the wilderness of Earth.

The worldbuilding is solid for both cultures, although we get more detail about Earth, but the tone and dialogue of the characters gives a clear sense of separate places. The mechanics (both technological and mystical) are consistent across both stories and explored in depth as the plotlines converge. The story illustrates that mankind's self destruction can come from both our higher reasoning and our primal nature.

Homecoming has romantic elements-- the two man characters have a strong chemistry, yet it's not so focused on the relationship that I'd call it a romance. It's a story of survival along with a bit of coming of age for one of the protagonists.

Each one deals with familiar baggage from their respective pasts: the shame of unrequited attraction to the abusive asshole, and the pain of a relationship that ended badly with no hope for closure. Each character compliments the other's insecurities and develops past it.

It's a short book, and the pacing is brisk. Coatsworth never lingers too long on any one scene or topic and has an admirable talent for description. It's a good read for a long afternoon with an engaging bread crumb trail of clues to lead you to a satisfying explanation for the story.


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