Excerpt from the sequel to The Queen of Lies

The project is under the working title of The Mirrored City. I'm 50,938 words into the first draft with a target to be done by June. Here's a taste of the prologue...




The necromancer Isik followed behind the Patrean guard. The streets and narrow alleys of Dessim were still a mystery to him. The walls were riddled with tiny alcoves, shrines to any of the thousands of gods the people of the city worshipped as part of the Host. There was actually a god of tax evasion who was currently quite popular.


“What is your name?” Isik had a thick Volkovian accent.


“Fox,” The Patrean soldier replied. They all looked alike so it was impossible to tell if he should have known the guard or not. Fox was not a familiar name.


Isik nodded. “In Volkov, it was easy, the Patreans wear their names on their uniforms so we can tell them apart.”


“It’s not often people here even bother to ask,” Fox commented.


“Then what do they call you?” Isik inquired.


Fox shrugged, “Well… ‘Hey you’ and ‘excuse me’ are pretty common. But it gets more colorful when I make arrests.”


Isik sighed. “It is a shame. I think that if everyone looked alike the world would have far less problems.”


“If the world had less violence, I’d be out of a contract,” Fox quipped.


“And if fewer people were murdered I may have to take up a craft,” Isik admitted. “Still I think it’s a better world where you do not constantly have to interrupt the coroner’s dinner to drag him to the scene of a murder, yes? Perhaps we could make paintings.”


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