Gearing up for the Final Edit

Feedback so far has been great on the Queen of Lies. Mad props to my beta reader and editor. Now I am going with a paid editing service so my editor has every incentive to be encouraging however some of the feedback went well and above what needed to be said to

When I got my editorial letter from createspace I was too afraid to open it. I'd just completed an eight hour examination for MicroStrategy certification and my nerves were fried. I called my friend to come over, expecting the worst and what happened next... absolutely blew me away.

As I've discussed before, it's very hard to know if the product of your labor is good or not and if it will connect with readers the same way it does with you. Reading this made my day:

"The Queen of Lies is a fantastically written fantasy novel with an intriguing and original cast of characters; a complex, multilayered plot; and a great deal of wry, witty humor. I can’t tell you how many times I howled with gleeful laughter while reading and editing this book."

"I want to add that for many years I was an editor at a gay and lesbian publishing house and that I consider your book to be among the best commercial gay novels I’ve worked on in my seventeen years of editing books."

"I also would like to add that it’s rare to come across writers who have such tremendous skill for storytelling, action, suspense, and character development. You didn’t just write a novel—you’re a high-caliber novelist."

Incidentally I passed the Microstrategy exam and am putting the final touches on my work. Part of the difficulty is remembering that nothing will ever be perfect, but that I told a good story.

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