I Have the Worst Super Power Ever

Guess what I can do? My bones heal really fucking fast. Granted I would have much preferred not breaking bones and never learning this about myself. But the improvement was, in the words of my doctor, "Remarkable."

Had my three week x-rays and the fracture is almost invisible.

I still wear the brace, but between you and me, I can pretty much walk.My next milestone is going to be putting on shoes. But having a bum knee hasn't stopped me from dancing. I think if you put me in a dance off with all the other orthopedic patients I would smoke all those motherfuckers. Behold....

There's something satisfying and vaguely metaphorical about healing slowly as my life comes together. As injuries go this one has actually been not too bad. Besides the itching I barely notice it.

tumblr_npw3blCRiy1uw8kzyo3_r1_500I've started the Witcher 3... Which is why I've not accomplished anything productive. Other than kicking ass of monsters. I wish I'd played this game when I was designing my character Heath. What Geralt does and says is very spot on with the kind of work an Inquisitor would do.

It's truly an awesome game... although it's about as kind in its portrayal of women as a Gillian Flynn novel. It's definitely a game that steers clear of the wrath of Gamergate... but there's an artistic integrity that makes me think the developers wouldn't have given a fuck either way.

Anyway I'm alive and well. I start my new job the day after Labor Day (America's one socialist tradition).

Book three is also underway and it's fucking insane by chapter two.


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