Knee Update – the Fifteen Hundred Dollar Man

In advance of my actual bill, I got a letter from Humana regarding my visit to the ER. The bill was $4,500 for a leg brace, some x-rays, a tetanus shot, and a shot of morphine. YeeeOUCH!

My trip to the ER will cost me $1,500 after Obamacare. That's a fucking kick to the nuts but, again... my insurance has paid for itself. (I also have to remind myself that, not so long ago, I spent that kind of money on a blazer, some shirts, and a couple pairs of pants.) I'm even more glad I took part time work because this could be catastrophic to my long term plans.

The knee is doing better. It can bend just a very little. It doesn't hurt. I can get around. I can take out my trash. And I'm adapting. I can get in and out of cars pretty quick. I think I'll be fine on my feet by Dragoncon at the rate I heal.

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