My Knee is Getting Better

I thought about writing a short story called Knee Jerk Reactions, which focuses on the complaints of a surly asshole with a knee problems. Art reflects life etc.

The saga of my recovery continues.

I drove to the store on my own. Having long legs and a compact car is a bit of a logistical problem but I managed. This is the final hurdle between me and any semblance of a normal life and I managed.

I can walk half a mile, as long as its flat without consequence.

The leg doesn't hurt anymore. I get maybe three times a day when I have an OUCH! moment but it's brief and tolerable.  Most of the soreness is brace related.

My biggest concern is that my brace is starting to smell bad. Like the really bad cross between a fungus and a soft French cheese. The back of my knee is pretty slimy when it sweats and well... you get the picture. My favorite thing is to use the Velcro from the straps to scratch myself. It's nearly orgasmic.

Bottom line is that I'm good. I think the injury is actually minor, more of a wake up call than a catastrophe. It can bend a little more than it could. Once it can I think I'll be fine.

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