Personal Updates

Got back from the knee doctor and it's continuing to get better. There's a little bit that's left to heal. Stairs are a bit of an issue but I'm out of the brace and taking steps two at a time now.

I had my first full day at the new job. It's an amazing facility with a top notch cafeteria. Seriously they have locally sourced organic food for six bucks. The work itself is pretty straightforward.

Remember the PBS pledge drive? When they would hold your program (Dr. Who in my case) hostage until they got their money? Well for the next month this is how my blog is going to be in lead up to the launch of the Mirrored City. The big areas where I need support are pre orders and social media.

Book launch is almost a month away. I have ten pre-orders right now. If I can get five more I'll make the Amazon top 10,000... If I get just fifteen more I'll crack 3,000. Those are critical sales milestones because Amazon's algorithms start to take notice. It doesn't take much to get noticed so your pre-orders are super helpful.

On the social media I've got some thunderclap support in the form of someone with 30k followers. If I get 100 supporters (people who go to the page and pledge support) I will boost the signal on my social media launch. Contrary to popular assumption, social media is not a huge impact on sales... but it's free and every little bit helps. So please... your support is appreciated.

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