Quick Updates

I will be starting my new part-time job on September 8th working as a business intelligence consultant. It's pretty good timing in that it's after Dragon Con and my knee should be well on the mend by then so I won't have to show up to work in flip flops or hobble around with a brace for my first few weeks.

Sometime after my iPhone broke and my knee broke, my PC broke. I got a little laptop with every intention of taking my writing out of the house. Shortly after I broke my knee so it never really seemed practical to hang out at Starbuck's... Well almost a month later, today is that day.

I accomplished precious little last week. I wish I could say I was busy writing. I wasn't. I'm going in kind of a crazy direction with this book and it needs to be executed perfectly or it will turn readers off.

Book 2 comes back from the editor on Friday. So... that will begin the revision process.

Really, though I need to get exposed to some other writers. Outlantacon was really the encouragement I needed and I'm looking forward to Dragon Con being even better.

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