603862_10206747410951702_7692756076559854426_n I grew up in the country, surrounded by horses, and always had my eye set on the big city.

I studied Sociology at Indiana University with the goal of becoming a sex researcher, particularly variations in human sexual behaviors. The job market was not exactly teeming with opportunity in that area so I forged ahead becoming a rave promoter, a file clerk, a call center representative, an excel wizard, a SQL genius, a Business intelligence badass and finally, a business consultant.

Writing was always a passion of mine, since winning third place in a state IMG_0291competition. I published short fiction and poetry in a number of publications, some of them actually glossy color magazines... and then I quit for fifteen years. I had a few blogs along the way.

Although disillusioned with the publication process, I always kept my imagination-- weaving years long chronicles in my head: characters in this fantastical world grew older, had children, got divorced... It was clear that these were not idle daydreams. This was a story that wanted to be told.

So over a long Christmas week, I drank a ton of wine and started to hammer out what would become my first book.





The Queen of Lies is available now on Kindle... and Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for free.  Click the image to buy the Kindle version in my Amazon store (and hell buy whatever else you want while you're there)

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