Special Offer: Architects of The Grand Design


For a limited time all three books in the Architects series are on sale for $0.99!

The series is a blend of Epic Fantasy, political intrigue, mystery, and sharp humor (and a pinch of sci fi) that follows the stories of deeply flawed heroes as they struggle to save humanity. You'll meet a gay alcoholic wizard, a fallen priest turned assassin, and a sentient sword... to name a few.

  1. The Queen of Lies

  2. The Mirrored City

  3. The Blade of Betrayal

Mike bode is the author of The Queen of Lies, the first installment in the ongoing series, Architects of the Grand Design. His next book comes out October. Sign up for the mailing list for more info. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest . (You can also follow him on Goodreads and even Amazon)

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