The Mirrored City is out Today

I'm pleased to announce the release of The Mirrored City, the second installment on the Architects of the Grand Design series. It's out today on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback.

smallbookMCThe book takes place a year after the events in the first. It incorporates elements of horror, mystery, and action in a fresh setting. The old characters are back along with some new faces.

As an added bonus you can pick up the first book, The Queen of Lies for free on Amazon today!

The Mirrored City

Maddox is a broken man, held together by the will of his sentient sword. Heath is a prophet of a forgotten god— and an assassin. Jessa is an inexperienced ruler, struggling to broker a truce between her warring nation and her enemies.

That plan for peace is threatened by the local politics of the Mirrored City, a place ruled by dual theocratic governments. Beneath the tenuous accord between the two halves of the city lies centuries of hostility that threaten to break out into open war. Treacherous conspiracies, deadly diplomacy, a string of grisly murders, and the return of the Old Magic could spell the end for all Creation.

No one is who or what they seem. A quest for answers leads the champions to a deadly battle with their greatest foe yet: themselves.


Mike bode is the author of The Queen of Lies, the first installment in the ongoing series, Architects of the Grand Design. His next book comes out October. Sign up for the mailing list for more info. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest . (You can also follow him on Goodreads and even Amazon)

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