Thoughts on Crowdfunding

A few people have expressed an interest in supporting my series. After researching the numerous options out there, I have established a profile on Patreon for those who want to support my upcoming projects above and beyond the purchase of published books. Here's why.

For those who don't know, you pledge a certain amount per month (as little as $1) to support your favorite creatives. The site also lets me share exclusive content,like short stories and deleted scenes with my subscribers. It's different from something like Kickstarter because there's no minimum threshold to meet. You pledge a buck, the artist gets a buck. In general my research into crowdfunding for writing has led me to the following conclusions:

The "Field of Dreams" approach does not work for Kickstarter. If you build it, that's pretty much all you've done. In fact I'm humbled that one total stranger pledged $50. There's an intense amount of promotion and marketing that goes into getting projects funded, and most of the successful ones aren't books. As a new author I don't have the clout to draw that kind of interest through my social media fiefdom and I don't want to annoy the shit out of people.

ooX0e_patreon_logo_shineCrowdfunding is not for the novice. It requires a loud megaphone and a marketing engine to get noticed. If I had that-- I'd just sell my actual books. There is a whole cottage industry around kickstarter projects that makes self-publishing services look like the bush leagues. Within days of posting my project, I was contacted by no less than seven services (some of whom found my personal email) offering to boost my project. This is serious business.

Funding helps, but my work doesn't depend on it. The Mirrored City is coming hells or high water. I don't need to make the money to make this project happen (although this Greek default is fucking my portfolio)... but every little bit helps offset the cost of design and editing. Or at least offset my wine budget.

It's not time dependent. People can subscribe whenever they want to and there's no deadline or urgency. You can also build support over time, adding subscribers at an organic pace versus scrambling for one time donations

It's the least annoying way to accept money from friends. People who want to support my work can do so without feeling pressure to hit any particular numbers. People who want to do more, can.

So... that's where I'm at. If you're an artist considering crowdfunding for an ongoing series of projects, you might want to check out Patreon. There's no risk and even if you only get a buck... you still get a buck.


Mike bode is the author of The Queen of Lies, the first installment in the ongoing series, Architects of the Grand Design. His next book comes out October 2015. Sign up for the mailing list for more info. You can also pledge support through Patreon.


Mike bode is the author of The Queen of Lies, the first installment in the ongoing series, Architects of the Grand Design. His next book comes out October. Sign up for the mailing list for more info. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest . (You can also follow him on Goodreads and even Amazon)

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